Dinocity – DimDim goes to astronomy camp!

Millions of years ago, when there was no human on earth, very strange creatures lived on it!

They were tall, but they were no apartment or tower!

They were colorful, but the didn’t look like rainbow or gardens at all!

They were very strong and mighty, but they weren’t like trucks!

What do you think those beautiful creatures were called?

Yes of course! you are right! they were dinosaurs!

That days, dinosaurs lived in a flourishing city near on sleepy volcano! Their city called ” Dinocity “.

One day, journalistDino, who was the only dinosaure that could fly, was flying above the city:

Attention! Dinocity citizens! Dinokids! There is gonna be an astronomy camp! If If you want to see the shooting start or watch the moon, go and sign up in the astronomy center! The address is: The kid’s astronomy center, 4th cave from the left, Dinosquare! Dinojournalist said loud behind the speaker.

DimDim was standing near his bedroom’s window when he heard Dinojournalist’s announcement!

What? Astronomy camp? Shooting star? Seems very exciting!

hearing DimDim’s Voice, Dinojournalist flew and landed near the window.

I can tell someone is interested! Do you want to sign up DimDim?

Yeah of course I want! DimDim answered.

Dinojournalist took a brochure out of his bag and said:

So you better know the price. you have to pay 15 Dinors for registration. And also, you should bring 10 more just in case! You only have tow weeks for registration. The camp will start tow weeks from now, at 9 a.m. on Saturday.

And how long we’ll be staying? DimDim asked curiousely.

Just one night! We will stay one night to observe the shooting star and the moon. And we will return the next morning.

DimDim thanked Dinojournalist and closed the window. He left his room and went his father.

DimDim’s dad was sitting on the stone sofa, reading ” Dinocity times”!

Sophie’s toys

Sophie has a little closet in her bedroom, which is a warm cozy home for her brilliant toys. her toys love to hang out and play together!

one day, Sophie came home very happy! She put her cute kite in the corner of her bedroom and left. All the toys were excited to see and talk to the kite. They knew that he had been on a trip and saw many interesting things!

So they gather around him and started asking questions!

You are so lucky Kite! You always go to amazing trips! Said the furry cat.

What does it look like out there?! The rainbow ball asked curiously.

Kite said:

I’ve seen many things! Flourishing forests, big rivers, crowded streets!

Which one do you like the most? The Pink bunny asked.

Kite thought for a while and answered:

I love sunny beach the most!

But the other toys had never seen the beach toys!

But… none of us have ever seen the beach! The furry cat cried.

Rainbow ball said:

Kite! can you tell us how does the beach look like, please?!

Yes of course! But first, we need a blue paper!

Toys looked around the room and found a big blue paper!

Imagine this is the sea! Said the Kite. Now we have to put some small Lego pieces on it! Legos with different colors! Legos will be the boats!

Toys brought some colorful Lego pieces and put them on their blue sea!

What else do we need?! Kite was thinking very hard!

AHhHhhhHAaaA! We need a sandy beach! Then he looked around and said:

That brown cardboard is good! We can shred it and glue the pieces to out sea!

Toys started shredding the cardboard! Then they put the pieces at the bottom of their blue paper. their beach was becoming more and more beautiful and real!

Now we need some shells!

We can use the shiny stones! said the doll.

Then she brought the stones and put them on the beach. Kite flew near the ceiling an looked at their beach from above.

Source: Moonzia , Stories for Kids , Bedtime Stories for Kids

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